Quick registration of a stoloto ticket

How to play Russian Lotto by ticket rules

When buying tickets at stoloto.ru, by SMS and in terminals

To receive your winnings up to 100 000 рублей нужно зарегистрироваться на сайте stoloto.ru. Winnings up to 100 000 rubles are transferred to the Wallet automatically.

note, that for unidentified users there is a restriction on the withdrawal of funds. To withdraw from 40 000 rubles, you should go through full identification

Get your winnings in cash:

  • amount less 1000 rubles in any branch of the Russian Post, and also in "MegaFon";
  • to 5000 rubles in the Svyaznoy salon;
  • to 10 thousand rubles in the Euroset store;
  • to 50 thousand rubles in the office "1xBet";
  • to 100 thousand rubles in the office "Baltbet";
  • to 200 thousand rubles at points of sale of tickets and payments "Balt - Lotto";
  • to 300 тысяч рублей в Москве в в лотерейном центре «Столото» по адресу Волгоградский проспект, 43/3.

Get your winnings at the company's headquarters.

Cash winnings can be received at the company's office during a personal visit.

Draw your attention to, that on the day of circulation, winnings are paid in an amount not exceeding 100 000 rubles. Winnings over 100 000 rubles are paid after additional examination of the ticket

Attention! If your winnings exceed 300 000 rubles, it can be issued at the Stoloto lottery center only with 09.00 to 21.00

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