Conspiracy to win the lottery

How to win the lottery?

Rite of passage for luring success with money

This ritual is very effective.. To make it more effective, spend it on wednesday, performing alternately two phases.

The first step is, what should be said for luck money. To do this, you need to take several bills, the amount of which would be enough for a lottery ticket. Holding money in hand, it is necessary to pronounce a conspiracy over them. Magic words need to be repeated 7 times in a row:

After that, you need to make the purchase of a lottery ticket. In this case, you need to spend the money, so that there is no change. After making a purchase, go home silently. Crossing the threshold of your home, get the candle out of green wax. sit down at table, light a candle and pick up a lottery ticket. Looking at him, continue the ritual, again 7 once uttering a conspiracy:

At the end of the ritual, the spoken ticket must be put in a secluded place. It is not recommended to get it out until then., until the results of the game are announced. Delivering a ticket, you will be convinced of the power of light magic and winning conspiracies.

The strongest magical effect to attract profit

The most powerful, fast and effective rituals are performed during the lunar growth phase, in the first few days after the new moon. On the first night of the new moon, you must take 12 coins of various denominations, can be of different currencies. In this case, it is necessary to select the numbers on the coins, in this way, so that their sum is the number of your age.

For the ceremony, you need to choose a secluded place. The palm with the money should be pulled up like this, so the moonlight hits them. Start speaking the following text:

After this action, coins should be firmly held in the palm of your hand and hidden at home in the back pocket of your wallet. They should not be shown to anyone and should not be spent.

For the next magical action, you will need a new linen towel . It needs to be folded 12 time. Bending the towel every time, read words:

The towel is shaken, to open up. They should wipe off and put under their pillow.

Be active

Being active doesn't mean, that you should play every possible lottery. Being active among lotto players is actively looking for all the ways to increase their chances of winning and ultimately get the main prize. Therefore, it is worth collecting information about various lotteries., compare the probability of winning, the prices of bets and the amount of the prize fund. Besides, active lottery players are open to new strategies and experiences, actively try various games and lotteries, thanks to which they can develop their own strategy for playing lotto. Besides, today they check all the news from the lottery world, thanks to which they know in advance about the upcoming changes in the rules of the game and about the current accumulation. Be one step ahead and win!

Thanks to subscription I won 3 400 000$!

The activity really paid off for Mr Mario from Germany, who won over 13 million in German LOTO online.

Think positively

You can have the best lotto strategy, but if you remain pessimistic and don't believe, what someday you will win, probably, it will never happen. Katie Hadley, one of the most famous personal trainers in the world (the so-called Life coach) more 25 years teaches people the secrets of a happy life. According to her, a positive approach to life and the ability to visualize your winning is the key to success. In his guide "How to Win the Lottery", she writes, that winning the lottery should not only be believed, but also be able to imagine it. Mark Coulson also emphasizes the need for a positive approach to play., professor of psychology at Middlesex University.

And this, actually, they manage to succeed and win the lottery!

Thanks to the visualization of the win, I received 112 million $

That fact, that positive thinking has a very big impact, lottery winners say themselves. The most famous proponent of visualization is Ms Cynthia Stafford, which in 2007 year received 112 million $. Mrs. Stafford was very pleased with the news of her victory, but not surprised. How is this possible? Every time, when she filled out another coupon, she represented, that her numbers are winning and the organizers give her a check for several million dollars. She even wrote a note on the refrigerator “You won 112 million dollars!», adding also the winning numbers. After a while she was sure, what will win!

Fortune telling on sticks

Take a pen and paper, tune in well, and focus carefully on the question: "Will the coveted amount come to me in the lottery?». In the moment, when will you speak the question, you need to draw small vertical sticks on a piece of paper (preferably one size).

When you catch yourself thinking, that there are enough sticks, stop, and then move on to the line below. Start drawing sticks again.

You should feel the required number of rows using your intuition..

Now you need to count the number of sticks in each line. If even numbers prevail, then luck is unlikely to be near you, if there are more odd numbers, then a decent jackpot is provided for you.

How to achieve only positive results?

After some conspiracies for money abundance, there may be unpleasant consequences. This is due to the wrong choice or ceremony.. So that magical actions bring only positive results, use simple means of protection:

  • you cannot keep the entire won amount for yourself. Be sure to share with those, who needs it;
  • sincerely, from the bottom of your heart, thank the Higher Forces for helping you achieve your goals;
  • after the ceremony, mentally or aloud, pronounce: "All my desires are fulfilled in the name of my and the common good";
  • get rid of all resentments and negative attitudes in advance. A flashed bad thought can turn the ritual not in your favor.

Rite of passage to attract fortune

To quickly lure your luck, especially if you prefer the lottery game, you can perform the following ritual. For him you will need:

  • 1 lemon;
  • 3 cherry berries;
  • three kopecks (yellow metal);
  • opaque container.

First you need to prepare. Remove the pits from the cherries and place them on the table, separate the lemon zest. Coins can be taken of any denomination, but always yellow. About the container - a coffee can will do (tea) with tight-fitting lid. Having prepared all the components, we begin to conduct the ceremony.

First, put lemon zest in a container, then cherry pits and coins. At the same time, you need to read the conspiracy to win the lottery:

Repeating magic words three times, close tightly the jar with the items folded in it. Move the container away from prying eyes and do not open. From now on you will be accompanied by the goddess of fortune.. Make sure, conspiracy worked or not, you can, having bought a lottery ticket the other day.

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