How to buy a mega millions lottery ticket

How to take part in the most famous American lottery mega millions

Can non-Americans play

Some foreign lotteries do not allow citizens of other countries to buy their tickets, which greatly complicates participation in such draws. Fortunately, the lottery MegaMillions has not yet introduced such a ban, although some US citizens demanded that any foreigners be officially banned from participating in the lottery. The fact, that the organizers of Mega Million do not want to lose even part of their income, why are they ready to disregard the desire of compatriots.

Americans are seriously upset, when even the smallest monetary winnings are sent to foreign citizens. For you and me, this is another pleasant reason to try our luck at Mega Million.

Topics, who will work with intermediary resources, worth paying attention, that it will be difficult to find conscientious companies among them, as many of them seek to cash in on gullible citizens. Next, we will consider the scheme of work of such intermediaries., to make it easier for you to navigate and distinguish a real resource from a fake one

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