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How to win at & quot; Russian Lotto" large sum of money - secrets of winning

What Fatal Millions Do to People

But remember about the negative side of this issue.. Almost all winners, got fabulous sums, could not cope with their weaknesses and ended up very badly. Big money ruins a man, а крупные и вовсе перестают делать из нас людей. Судьба победителей американских лотерей неутешительна: seventy percent of winners in six to seven years have gone to ruin, either degraded, died tragically, or were cruelly deceived. Consider the following sad cases with the lucky ones, so as not to repeat their path.

  • Abram Shakespeare - 30 000 000 $. Abram Shakespeare - the owner of a $ 30 million winnings and a very poetic name - became the subject of attacks from all possible relatives. They occupied his house, got calls, relentlessly followed every move he made, that in the end a friend came to his aid, who is a superhero, decided to save a man "from vile thieves", and then she completely convinced him to transfer all his millions to her account for safety. One week after the lottery game, Shakespeare disappeared without a lead. And in 2012 the police found out, that it was this very friend who cruelly dealt with the winner, and was eventually sentenced to life imprisonment.
  • Former drug addict Edwards - 27 000 000 $. Unemployed rehabilitated drug addict named Edwards made a $ 27 million jackpot, who began to actively spend money on the delights of life: bought an expensive house, thoroughbred horses, plane, limousine, own company. And then he took drugs again, and as a result, he drained all his fortune in a couple of years. The last time the police detained Edwards in the garage with a dose of heroin in his hands. A man in a hospice dies with a zero on his pocket.
  • Nadezhda Mukhametzyanova - 58 000 000 rubles. The case will close our list of sad stories, what happened to Nadezhda Mukhametzyanova from Ufa, who accidentally acquired a lottery ticket, and as a result became the owner of fifty-eight million rubles. Until winning the lottery, Nadezhda, along with her husband, led a rather unremarkable lifestyle and worked as a cleaner. But her life was instantly transformed, and climbed out like numerous relatives, and problems with alcohol. The constant availability of money made the couple's lifestyle worse. They started drinking even more, despite winning, could not leave the apartment for months, which in turn has led to numerous serious health problems. Five years after the lottery, the woman died at the age of fifty-two.
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