How to play Euromillions

EuroMillions lottery rules | rules of the game

Take advantage of the jackpot ceiling

EuroMillions jackpot cap is 200 million, and excess funds, which could have been added to the grand prize, moves to the next prize tier with any number of winners. While this doesn't technically make you a jackpot winner, you still have a chance to pick up a seven-digit amount if five main numbers and one Lucky Star number match, and the odds of winning in this prize tier are only 1 of 6 991 908, compared with 1 of 139 838 160 for the jackpot.

On Friday, 8 july 2011 of the year, after the jackpot has hit the ceiling 185 million, six winners in the "5 + 1»Won 3,3 million pounds sterling (4,5 million).

After, how the jackpot reaches 200 million, it can be extended four times, before either is won, or replenish the prize pool of the next level. During these rollovers (prolongations) any excess funds, which would be added to the jackpot, also go to the next level, thereby increasing your chances of winning a prize, able to change life, without the need to match all the numbers played. To understand, how it works, go to the Jackpot Ceiling page.

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