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Sea tour in Jordan - 2020: reviews and prices

Prices for excursions and entertainment

It is good to diversify beach holidays in Jordan with excursions. According to tourists' reviews, it is absolutely not necessary to take all excursions in a row. It is convenient to travel around Amman on your own. The trip by regular bus from the capital of the country to Petra is worth 15$, to the Dead Sea - 10$, and the bus to the city of Irbid - only 2$. Many people like to visit “Pompeii of the East” - the ancient city of Jarash, which is just an hour's drive from Amman.

From Aqaba to Petra you get by minibuses - 7$. You can also take a taxi, but it is much more expensive. For a trip to Petra, drivers ask 70$, and for a taxi in both directions with waiting in Petra - from 115$. A bus ticket between Amman and Aqaba costs 11$.

While on holiday in Jordan in 2020 tours and excursions are very popular:

  • from Aqaba to Petra and Wadi Rum - 190$;
  • diving - 45-70$;
  • excursion to the holy sights of Jordan with a visit to the place of baptism, the mountains of Nebo and the cities of Madaba mosaics - 170$;
  • travel to Jarash - 80$;
  • excursion to Jerusalem from Aqaba - 180$.

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You can still visit Shobak Castle and Hammam for free, the ruins of Pella and Um Al Jemal. Prices for visiting popular attractions:

  • citadel in Amman with a museum - 4,2$;
  • Ajloun Castle - 2$;
  • Roman theater in Amman - 1,4$;
  • El-Karak castle with a museum - 2,8$;
  • Aqaba castle with museum - 4$;
  • archaeological park and museum in Madaba - 4,2$;
  • the ruins of the Roman city in Jarash - 14,1$.

Jordan Attractions Map

To save money while on holiday in Jordan, tourists often buy a single e-ticket JordanPass. Its cost includes a visit to more than 40 sights of the country, including Petra, Wadi Rum desert, old castles, museums, ruins of ancient buildings and archaeological sites. The ticket does not include popular pilgrimage sites in Jordan.

JordanPass with a one-day visit to Petra is worth 99$, with two days in Petra - 106$, For a three days - 113$. When traveling actively, it pays for itself quickly enough..

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Prices for food in cafes and restaurants

While on holiday in Jordan in 2020 a significant part of the holiday budget is spent on food. Food prices here are not too high.. Street fast food cost:

  • freshly squeezed juices and fruit necks - 1-2 IODINE;
  • falafel - 0,25-0,5 IODINE;
  • shawarma with garnish - 2-3 IODINE;
  • kebab or kebab - 7-10 IODINE;
  • whole grilled chicken with garnish - 5 IODINE.

Breakfast for two in a cafe is 4-6 IODINE, lunch - at 5-8 IODINE, and dinner in an inexpensive restaurant excluding alcoholic drinks - 20-25 IODINE. According to Jordanian traditions, when restaurant patrons order a main course, lavash is brought to him for free, several appetizers and salads.

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Prices in Jordanian grocery stores:

  • mutton, 1 kg - 10 IODINE;
  • beef, 1 kg - 6-7 IODINE;
  • fish, 1 kg - 5-6 IODINE;
  • potatoes, 1 kg - 0,8-0,9 IODINE;
  • apples, 1 kg - 1,5 IODINE;
  • bananas, 1 kg - 1,5 IODINE;
  • citrus - 1-1,3 IODINE;
  • oil, 0,1 kg - 1,4 IODINE;
  • milk, 1 l - 1,5 IODINE;
  • local beer - 1,5-2,2 IODINE;
  • local wine - 11-15 IODINE;
  • anise vodka arak - 7-8 IODINE;
  • whiskey - 8-11 IODINE.

Food prices vary by place of purchase. In the tourist areas of the country, they are higher.

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Weather in Aqaba in December

Generally, the weather in Aqaba in December is essentially the same, as in neighboring Egypt. Water 23-24 degrees, air 20-25 during the day and around 15 at night. The climate of Aqaba is formed by the Red Sea, which does not cool down even in winter (the water in it never goes lower 20 degrees even in February) and covering mountains from the mainland. Therefore, you can swim and dive there all year round., although the air in the winter months is cool and the constantly blowing piercing north wind somewhat darkens the winter red sea diving. Well, for those who want to just sunbathe - the very thing! Climate becomes more severe with distance from the sea. The air at night in the desert cools to zero, and in the mountains in winter there are negative temperatures and, even, snow may fall. This is definitely worth considering., planning trips to Petra or the Wadi Rum desert during the winter months. Truly warm clothes are absolutely essential.. :bandit:

Kind of 3 countries: Egypt, Israel, Jordan

Service features

It is worth admitting, что цены на продукты и напитки в Иордании достаточно велики. Обед в ресторане обойдется приблизительно в 25 — 35$ на одного. In order to economize, следует пойти в KFC или Макдональдс, тут вы потратите 4-8$. В курортных зонах в кафе, ресторанах и отелях дополнительно к услугам взимается налог в размере 13% (Aqaba) and 16% (The Dead Sea).

По внутренним правилам заселение в отеле производится с 15:00. То есть если вы отдыхаете с детьми, you should take care of your nutrition in advance, так как первая услуга оказанная в отеле при системах питания HВ FB ALL будет ужин. Последняя услуга — завтрак, since the eviction takes place after 11:00. Не стоит уповать не доброту хотельеров, как например в Турции, где туристам сразу же спокойно разрешают идти в ресторан даже при прибытии в отель рано утром. В Иордании, несмотря на доброту местных жителей, в отелях действуют строгие правила касательно питания.

Дополнительное размещение в Иордании в большинстве отелей платное. There are no clamshells anywhere. Место на третьего человека обычно это либо тахта, a fold-out sofa or a full-fledged one and a half bed.

Так же стоит учитывать особенность концепции питания: если вы бронируйте All, нужно внимательно изучить что входит в эту систему, since there may well be "soft ALL", подразумевающий один напиток алкогольный или безалкогольный во время каждого приема пищи. Основные типы питания в стране: BB, HB, FB, FB+ и ALL.

Полотенца есть во всех пляжных отелях. В городских их может не быть, но городские отели пользуются пляжем Беренис бич — там полотенца входят в стоимость посещения пляжа.

Не спешите радовать себя покупками алкогольных напитков в дьюти фри, так как при заселении в отель ваш багаж будут досматривать через сканер или обыскивать вручную. Распитие в отелях напитков купленных за территориями отелей часто запрещено. Если вы хотите пронести на территорию отеля свои алкогольные покупки, то с вас потребуют оплату 28-40 динаров за 1 liter (в зависимости от условий отеля). При отказе оплаты ваши покупки забирают и выдают в целости и сохранности на выезде из отеля.

Курить в самом городе практически везде разрешено. Сигареты лучше привозить с собой, так как в Иордании они стоят в 3 раза дороже.

Сушилок на балконе нет ни в одном отеле Иордании, даже по запросу!

Сейфы во всех отелях любой звездности, если они есть в наличии, provided free of charge.


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Beach holidays in Jordan

Red sea. On the Red Sea, Jordan has only one beach resort - the city of Aqaba. It is surrounded by mountains and is famous for its clear sea and excellent conditions for diving and snorkeling.. There are more sandy beaches in the north of Aqaba, and in the south - pebble and stony. Not far from the resort is the famous suburb of Tala Bay.

Holidays in Jordan on the Red Sea are comfortable. The resort has public beaches and beach areas, which belong to hotels. All of them have excellent infrastructure - changing rooms, toilets, showers and cafes. Lifeguards are constantly on duty on the seashore in high season.

Free public beaches preferred by locals, and deck chairs and umbrellas are always in short supply. However, the hotel beaches are open to everyone., and for a small fee you can use umbrellas, sun loungers and other resort amenities.

(Photo: Kempinski Hotel Aqaba /

The Dead Sea. According to tourists' reviews, good conditions for a beach holiday in Jordan are offered by the Dead Sea spa resorts. Beach relaxation on them is easy to combine with health and wellness procedures.. Salt, mud and air saturated with sea fumes cure many ailments.

On the Dead Sea, almost all beaches belong to hotels. IN 10 km from the hotel area is the only public beach - Amman Beach. The entrance to it costs 28$.

(Photo: robysaltori / / CC BY-NC license 2.0)

Prices in shops and shopping centers

Jordan can hardly be called a country of unbridled shopping: prices are quite high, and only shopping centers in the capital, Amman, correspond to the international level. But there are many small shops, selling authentic souvenirs.


Jordanian ceramics and copper dishes are very popular with tourists.. It is made, for the most part, handicraft way. Looks very original, but you will hardly use it for its intended purpose, but as a souvenir it is quite suitable: from 3 dinar for a plate or small mug.


Local laws prohibit the export of items older than 100 years, however, его сложно нарушить. Most of the seemingly interesting things are just imitation. This is quite logical: who wants to mess with the law? The cost of such souvenirs is from 1,5 dinars

If the thing is really of certain interest, pay attention to the amount of the check - it immediately grows into 8-10 time


But with jewelry, state control plays into the hands of tourists. It is almost impossible to find counterfeit or low quality gold here., only the highest standard: counterfeiting is instantly punishable by prison.

Shoes and clothing

Clothing prices in Jordan are mostly acceptable. Tourists "say thank you" to the factories of European brands located in this country, of which there are not many. Mostly sports shoes and clothing are produced here.

Average prices in clothing stores (in dinars):

  • Branded jeans - from 50
  • Women's dresses (European) - from 45
  • Sneakers - 60-65
  • Men's leather boots - 70

You can also buy national Jordanian women's clothing - attractive models are made of high-quality fabrics, and their cost starts from 80-90 dinar.

Souvenirs and gifts

Like any Arab country, Jordan has wonderful dates to offer its guests (from 3 dinar) and extraordinary sand paintings in a bottle (from 2). Also in demand:

  • Healing mud, dead sea salt. Better to buy in specialized stores, so as not to lose the quality. Prices - from 5 dinar.
  • Hookahs. The cost starts from 10 dinar, cheaper, sweep away immediately: chinese fake.
  • Desserts and sweets. Nuts in honey, pahlava, molasses soaked thin sheets of dough, rolled into fancy curls with grated almonds and even spices - all this for the delight of the sweet tooth. From 10 dinars per kilogram.
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