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How to play the lottery "Russian Lotto"

In the "Russian Lotto" lottery, the rules are quite simple and about the same, as in regular lotto. The bag contains barrels with numbers from 1 to 90. The presenter takes kegs out of the bag and calls their numbers. The game is played in several rounds.

IN 1 round Russian Lotto win tickets, in which five numbers in any horizontal line coincided with the numbers of the pulled out kegs earlier than others.

In 2 round with the numbers of the pulled out kegs, all 15 numbers in any of the fields.

By the rules of the game, if these numbers match already on the 15th move, with this option, the ticket receives jackpot. He is not won in every draw, therefore, it grows from circulation to circulation and can reach tens of millions of rubles.

Winning tickets on subsequent rounds, in which all 30 ticket numbers.

Those tickets, who win in the first two rounds, allowed to participate in the further drawing.

How to buy a ticket

At kiosks and sales offices you can purchase a standard paper coupon, the playing field of which consists of twenty-four numbers, located in the range from one to seventy-five. In this case, the player has the opportunity to purchase tickets for several draws.

Bingo 75 lottery paper ticket

Participant, deciding to buy a ticket in this way, no need to provide your phone number. In case of winning, it is enough to present the prize coupon.

  • Immediately after authorization, you can start buying. Choose the lottery you are interested in, namely "Bingo 75", by clicking on the corresponding icon with the game logo.
  • Several lottery tickets with different game combinations of numbers will be presented in the window that opens..
  • Choose your favorite ticket, to do this, click on the desired option and confirm sending it to the basket.
  • Go to your personal account to pay for the purchase. Then save the purchased tickets or print them.

Bingo 75 lottery e-ticket

When buying tickets online, same as purchasing paper coupons at retail outlets, the participant cannot independently come up with combinations of numbers. Ticket numbers are generated automatically.

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