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How to take part in the EuroMillions lottery game (euromillions) on the territory of the Russian Federation | big lottos

Foreign lotto winnings taxes

Winning taxes must be paid by each winner. They vary by country, where is the draw. Usually the organizers independently determine and pay tax payments according to local legislation., subtracting them from the winnings.

Russian citizens should not forget to pay their own personal income tax at the rate 13%. It is calculated from the winning amount minus the bet. Moreover, with very small winnings in the amount of up to 4 thousand. p. (equivalent in another currency) no tax is required.

Comment. With an amount over 15 thousand. p. Personal income tax must be withheld and transferred to the budget by the organizer. But companies, registered in other countries, they will not bother with this, and a Russian citizen will have to independently file a declaration and pay tax.

If between Russia and the country, where is the organizer registered, there are international agreements on the payment of taxes, then double taxation can be avoided. But the list of states, participating in such agreements is limited.

If you keep silent about winning ...

Often a participant can deliberately keep silent about a big win in another country. Everyone decides on their own to do this or not.. But one must take into account, that upon establishing the fact of non-payment of taxes, they will be additionally charged, and also have to pay a fine. With large income, hidden from tax authorities, a Russian citizen may face criminal liability.

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