Eurojackpot draw results


EuroJackpot lottery

The first EuroJackpot draw took place in 2012 year. Denmark joins EuroJackpot today, Germany, Iceland, Latvia, Italy, Spain, Norway, Netherlands, Slovenia, Norway, Croatia, Finland, Poland, Sweden, Estonia.

In these countries, the EuroJackpot ticket can be bought officially at lottery kiosks and other points of sale..

How much can you win?

If nobody wins the maximum prize, then from circulation to circulation it increases to 90 million. Moreover, the ticket price is lower, than other European lotteries - participation in EuroJackpot costs 6 euros.

Where are the draws held??

The capital of the EuroJackpot lottery is Finland. In the capital of this country, Helsinki, every Friday at 21:00 EuroJackpot draws are held. If the ticket won a large amount, then he is sent for examination to Denmark or Germany.

What are the chances of winning?

Chance to hit the jackpot at EuroJackpot - 1 of 95 million. This is bigger, than EuroMillions (1 of 117 million) и в German Lotto (1 of 139 million). The highest "jackpot" in EuroJackpot history has been drawn twice: owners 90 million euros in May 2015 and in October 2016 became residents of the Czech Republic and Germany.

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