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Eurojackpot lottery - how to play from russia?

Eurojackpot Joker

The game in the Joker is identical to the game, played in Vikinglotto, can also be played in Eurojackpot. This game is often referred to as Friday Joker (friday joker), while the Vikinglotto game is named Wednesday Joker (joker wednesday).

For, to play, select numbers from 0 to 9. The same number can be selected multiple times. You will win a prize, guessing the digits of a randomly generated Joker number in the same position. The game is played in each participating country separately, each country generates its own Joker winning streak and pays its own prizes.

You can play Joker with Eurojackpot in Finland, Iceland and Latvia. In other countries, such as Norway, Sweden and Denmark, Joker is raffled along with Vikinglotto and cannot be raffled alongside Eurojackpot. Visit the Joker page for more details.

Interesting Facts

The first Eurojackpot draw took place 23 Martha 2012 g., which was attended by seven countries: Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Italy, Netherlands and Slovenia. The latest in 2017 r. Poland joined, becoming the 18th participating country.

Initially there was no separate jackpot limit, however, he could only change during 12 consecutive draws before, how will be won. In this regard, the jackpot amount could not rise to high values, so in February 2013 r. this method has been replaced by a certain limit in the amount 90 million.

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