Euromillions lottery scams

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How to spot a EuroMillions fraud

  • It is impossible, a price, a raffle, to win a competition or contest, if you did not attend.
  • To win something at EuroMillions, you must have purchased a ticket for the correct date of the drawing. In addition, your selection of numbers MUST match the numbers drawn, so that you can win the prize in question.
  • There are NO prizes at EuroMillions, which are given to randomly selected phone numbers or email addresses for games, WHICH INDIVIDUALS HAVE NOT PARTICIPATED.
  • EuroMillions will not contact you directly, when you win a prize. It is your own responsibility, claim the prize and show the winning ticket for the lottery in question.
  • EuroMillions will not charge you any “fee” desire, so that you can get your prize.
  • EuroMillions will not ask you to do so, a "tax” to pay on the profit, before you get the profit.

Indications of fraud

All of the points below are a good guide to this, that the winning notification you have received is an attempt at fraud:

  • The email was from a free webmail address (like @, or or from an address that does not belong to EuroMillions, that could be compromised, Posted.
  • You will not be addressed personally in the letter or e-mail, but with a vague phrase such as “Dear winner”.
  • Fraudulent letters are often of poor quality and have copied letterhead (even if some give a real business address, to feign legitimacy. The use of such addresses is not permitted and the scammers hope, that the “victim” by email or telephone and not by letter.)
  • There is an exact deadline, in which the "profit" must be claimed. This is supposed to put the potential victim under pressure and keep them from doing so, Seek advice or investigate further.
  • Confidentiality is often required as a "win condition". That should also keep the recipient from doing so, seek advice from friends and family, who may have more experience with this type of scam.
  • Bad spelling, Grammar and sentence structure are a good indication of this, that the letter or e-mail constitutes an attempt at fraud.
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