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Jackpot in "Russian Lotto"

How to win the jackpot. The numerical formula of the lottery "Russian Lotto

The numerical formula of the "Russian Lotto" lottery is deceptive: on the one hand it's not difficult to win, it really happens massively. On the other hand, the vast majority of wins are penny, their size is not much higher than the cost of the ticket itself. Few people think, what are the chances of hitting the jackpot or one of the main prizes in this lottery. Meanwhile, the probability of winning the jackpot in the "Russian Lotto" lottery is negligible, in all other Russian lotteries it is easier to do this. To figure it out, it is worth calculating the probability.

Any Russian Lotto ticket has two playing fields, in each - on 15 numbers ranging from 1 to 90. If your first 15 moves closed 15 numbers from 30, located in the two playing fields of the ticket, - you won the Jackpot.

It's almost as unrealistic, as the probability of winning the main prize in the American Powerball lottery (1 of 292 201 338) или MegaMillions (1 of 302 575 350). But, they have tens of millions of tickets in each draw, but we only have something 1-2 million. Therefore, under the current rules of the lottery "Russian Lotto" such an event, as winning the jackpot in it is unlikely to happen often.

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