Jackpot (movie)

Jackpot (1992)

Music is more important than cinema

Remind our readers, that in the nineties of the last century, Celentano decided to quit filming. The last time he appeared on screens in 1992 year in the fantastic comedy "Jackpot" (Jackpot).

- Tired of. Plus there is no good script, so that I like, - explained his decision to Adriano in an interview with the newspaper "Argumenty i Fakty". - Better let people admire, what wonderful films Celentano once starred in, rather than start spitting - why should he, starving, whether, why did you agree to play in such a nightmare?

Adriano Celentano in the movie "Jackpot". Still from the film

However, completing his acting career, Adriano did not think to rest on his laurels at all - instead, he devoted himself entirely to his main passion, music. In this case, he was successful.: Celentano's albums were very popular not only in his native Italy, but also beyond. IN 2012 year unexpectedly for many, the legendary musician returned to the stage, performing at the famous Sanremo Festival. Around the same time, Adriano mastered modern technology and started blogs on popular sites.. An artist not only uploads his music to the Internet, but also discusses political issues with subscribers.

A new round

At the beginning 2019 of the year, the famous actor presented his new project to the public, which has occupied his thoughts for almost ten years: animated series Adrian, directed and written by Celentano himself. The animated series tells about the adventures of a young watchmaker, to whom Adriano gave his voice and appearance, and his fighting friend Gilda, written off from Claudia Mori. Roguish, but romantic Adrian gets involved in dubious scams, but inevitably comes out of all situations as a winner.

Shot from the cartoon Adrian

Claudia Mori and Adriano Celentano. Photo: Wikipedia

In November 2019 Celentano released the music album Adrian, which included compositions from the soundtrack to the animated series of the same name. This album is able to surprise fans of the famous Italian: Adriano sings not only in his native language, but also in English, and romantic ballads alternate with cheerful electronic compositions, which helped compose Benny Benassi - the author of the hit Satisfaction, popular at the beginning of the "2000s".

Celentano still lives with his wife Claudia Mori in a villa in the small town of Galbiate near Milan. He rarely appears in public, but on occasion he does not deny fans a joint photo.

Watch repair remains one of Adriano's main hobbies.: he owns several workshops in different cities of Italy, and, according to Celentano, he sometimes takes home orders that are not too urgent and is happy to work with them in the evenings.

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