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Briefly about the history of the state

Montenegro recently became independent, in 2006 year. The location of the state is very beneficial in terms of tourism. In the northwest of the Balkan Peninsula is the territory of Montenegro, which has access to the Adriatic Sea. The state borders on Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republic of Kosovo, Croatia, Serbia and Albania. The capital of Montenegro - Podgorica. Самыми крупными и посещаемыми туристами считаются города Будва и Цетин.

On the territory of Montenegro, the first Slavs appeared in 6 century. At different times, the territory of the country was conquered by Rome, Byzantium, Austria-Hungary and the Ottoman Empire. IN 20 century Montenegro was part of Yugoslavia. After gaining independence, the state joined the EU. The country is always open for tourists. A friendly attitude towards visitors makes a vacation in Montenegro truly successful.

Questions, who torment us:

-do i need a visa to enter.

No. For Russian citizens, Of Ukraine, Belarus Montenegro is a visa-free country. A passport is enough to enter.. Passport control usually takes place quickly and without misunderstanding.

You can stay in the country without a visa until 30 days.

-what currency is in Montenegro?

Euro. Обменивать лучше в банках. The course is more profitable there, than at airports, at train stations and hotels. Any bank can exchange dollars for euros and vice versa, but rubles and other currencies of the CIS countries cannot be exchanged here.

Most banks on Saturday work on a shorter schedule, and Sunday is a day off.

-are there any customs restrictions?

You cannot import cigarettes in Montenegro in quantities exceeding 200 pieces, wine - more 2 liters and spirits - more 1 l

Items cannot be taken out, constituting historical or artistic value.

- is there a language barrier and in what language is it better to communicate?

Contrary to popular belief, that our languages ​​are similar, there is a language barrier and sometimes quite serious. How paradoxical it is, but many Montenegrins will more easily understand, if you refer to them in English, than in Russian.

-is it realistic to rent a house on the spot or is it necessary to book?

Is quite real. Но тёти с табличками sobe (rooms) do not stand at every bus station. Quite possible, you will have to wander the streets looking for a suitable option. В целом предложений много и риск ночевать на тротуаре минимален.

- are there any cheap hostels on the coast??

Looking for accommodation on the "booking", pay attention, что недорогих вариантов, hostel type, почти нет. Где-то в горах найти хостел еще реально, а на побережье поиск постоянно выдает один единственный хостел в Тивате, и это вызывает недоумение. Хостелы на побережье действительно как-то не популярны. Потому если вы хотите снять бюджетное жилье, лучше скооперироваться с кем-то и арендовать совместно апартаменты, либо искать отдельные комнаты на недорогих виллах. Если не боитесь рисковать можно попробовать поискать на месте

In towns like Becici, where is the hotel?, probably somewhere there is an inexpensive modest room in the attic

Если не боитесь рисковать можно попробовать поискать на месте. In towns like Becici, where is the hotel?, probably somewhere there is an inexpensive modest room in the attic.

- is it safe on city streets and in the mountains?

The crime rate is very low here. Theft is rare, attacks - even more so. По улицам приморских городов можно спокойно гулять хоть всю ночь.

About solo walks in the mountains, everything is not so clear. We usually associate danger with some gloomy personalities., подстерегающими прохожих в лесной глуши. This is not to be feared. As already said, due to historical and cultural characteristics, Montenegrins are not prone to antisocial behavior.

Moreover, accustomed in our country to indignant exclamations: "How? You go to the mountains alone? You are not afraid?», it was weird, что у черногорцев подобные намерения одинокой туристки не вызывали даже тени удивления. To understand why, читайте заметку «национальный характер».

Но кроме опасностей исходящих от людей есть и другие неприятности. for example: wild animals, rockfalls, etc.. Wandering far from civilization alone is adventurous and bragging.. And all single pedestrians understand this very well.. В случае возникновения любой экстремальной ситуации (fell into the hole, sunstroke, yes you never know!) there will be no one to help. Think! Responsibility for you!

- is there a good public transport?

Yes. especially on the coast.

- Is it true?, что есть районы, where public transport does not go?

Yes, there is. for example, the area of ​​the Ostrog monastery, или районы примыкающие к горам В район гор Проклетие попасть можно только на машине. There are roads, but no buses. Сюда же надо добавить населенные пункты вокруг Скадарского озера. Except Virpazar, where you can get by bus or train

- whether hitchhiking is widespread?

-is the time different from Moscow?

Yes, lags behind 1 time. When in Moscow 12-00, here 11 -00

Internet entertainment in Montenegro

Since the laws of Montenegro welcome any gambling, online games in the country are also very popular. I would like to note the fact, that the number of registered virtual gaming institutions in Montenegro was second only to Malta. All of them are focused on the European market and provide a wide range of different slots, roulette, card games.

Отличительной особенностью онлайн-казино в Черногории является их высокое качество и очень сложные платформы, where they work. Online casino game servers are located throughout the country, so huge opportunities are used by both players, and investors.

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