New Jackpot Chances. in the American powerball lottery. game rules changes. since October 2015

What are the odds of winning two American megamillions and powerball lotteries at the same time?

First shift: New number of balls and new chances of winning the American Powerball lottery

From October 2015. Players will see some changes for both sets of balls, which they use, to pick their lucky Powerball lottery numbers.

Lottery players must choose 5 main numbers from the main bank of white balls 69 numbers. (earlier 59)

Besides, players must choose 1 additional number from the second set 26 red balls, called Powerball number. (earlier 35).

In this way, the number of white balls will increase by 10, and the number of red balls will decrease by 9.

These changes in the number of balls, used in Powerball lottery will have a direct impact on the chances of winning the Powerball lottery for each level of premium. Besides, this will affect the overall chances of winning any prize.

Let's compare the new winning odds to the previous winning odds in the table below.

Odds of Winning in the US Powerball American Lottery, before and after changes.

division prize match range

to 4.10.2015

after 4.10.2015

1 jackpot numbers 5
+ Powerball
1:175,223,510 1:292,201,338
prize 2 numbers 5 1:5,153,633 1:11,688,053
prize 3 numbers 4
+ Powerball
1:648,976 1:913,129
prize 4 numbers 4 1:19,088 1:36,525
prize 5 numbers 3
+ Powerball
1:12,245 1:14,494
prize 6 numbers 3 1:361 1:579
prize 7 numbers 2
+ Powerball
1:707 1:701
prize 8 number 1
+ Powerball
1:111 1:92
prize 9 Powerball only
1:56 1:38

As we can see in the table above: The chances of winning the main Powerball jackpot have dropped from 1 / 175,223,510 in 1 / 292,201,338

Besides, chances of winning top tier Powerball prizes decreased.

However, the chances of winning less Powerball prizes increase. for example, when the main number 1 plus Powerball number were chosen correctly, then the chances of winning has been reduced from 1 / 111 to 1 / 92

Besides, overall chances of winning Powerball prizes increased from (1 / 31.85) in (1 / 24.87)

Finally: although the chances of winning the top prize will be lower, but at the same time jackpots, more likely, to reach significantly more amount. It is predicted, that as a result of recent changes, Powerball lottery grand prize can reach levels far beyond 1 billion $, in the near future.

On the other hand, lotteries, participating in Powerball, of course will enjoy small winnings, but more often.

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