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Won, did not win?..

For, so that the winners can find out about their winnings, each application can . To do this, you need to know her number (Confirmation Number). This number consists of 16 characters and is assigned to the application at the time of its sending. If you do not know your application number, it is impossible to check it. Therefore, be sure to keep this number or ask for it, who sent your application. If you submitted the application yourself, but lost or did not retain their Confirmation Number, it can be restored. If your application was sent by an agency, request this number from the agency or try to restore the number, indicating the agency's email in the recovery form (eg, when sending our applications, we indicate our email, [email protected]).

Why America needs a Green Card Lottery?

This event is called a lottery because, that the winners are determined at random (the probability of winning is not affected by knowledge of English, nor age, no profession - nothing at all, only luck). Officially in American law, this event is called the Diversity Immigrant Visa Program (translated into Russian "Immigration Diversity Visa Program"). The lottery's mission is to attract immigrants from those countries, underrepresented in America.

The United States is a unique country. It was founded by expats and needs a continuous influx of new people., with courage and grip. US lottery continues to attract experience, culture and knowledge from all over the world. Indeed, including due to the diversity (multinationality) of its population, the United States of America managed to achieve a leading position in the world. Each nation has contributed to the development of the country.

Besides, those who are usually prone to immigration, who "still has gunpowder in the flasks": active youth and the most active representatives of the older generation. They, who are ready to start from scratch in a new country, capable of independently solving all life issues, with a slight touch of "adventurism". Such an audience is desirable for any capitalist country., especially, for the USA.

Lottery win, certainly, the most widely available way of immigration to the USA. Almost everyone can participate in the lottery. Winners' costs before entering the US are relatively low. Knowledge of English is not required to obtain an immigrant visa. There are no special requirements for education or work experience.

But it should also be noted, that the winners need to find housing and work on their own. And all other worries, arising in the process of immigration, also rest on their own shoulders. You can only rely on yourself and your friends. America needs new Columbus, not freeloaders. You are ready?

What does winning a Green Card mean for my family?

As the saying goes, happiness is the only thing that doubles when shared! And the same goes for luck in the Green Card Lottery! Those who win have already managed the first big step in making the USA their new home. Who actually profits from a Green Card win? We have summarized the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions our Green Card experts are asked below.

Those who win the Green Card can share their luck with others! Your children would like to work or study in the USA? Winning a Green Card makes it easy: when you win, your children win too!

  • All unmarried children under the age of 21 will benefit from your Green Card luck!
  • Accordingly, all your children under 21, biological or adopted, as well as those of your spouse must be listed in your Green Card Lottery application because they also have a right to receive a Green Card.

Use the benefits of a green card for the whole family and your new life in America can start straightaway.

Not without my partner- double your green card chances!

It sure does, so don’t miss your chance and register your spouse for the lottery at the same time. The best part is: If your spouse wins the Green Card, then you automatically win as well! You were not married when your application was submitted or you got married after your application was sent? That is also no problem. As long as you marry before the consulate appointment or directly after receiving your winner’s notification, your better half can still come with you.

Let the American adventure begin. Same-sex marriage is subject to the same regulations as long as the marriage is valid according to US laws.

Can children over the age of 21, siblings or parents also apply for a Green Card?

Even unmarried children over the age of 21 can get a slice of your Green Card lucky pie! This process is the so called family-based preference. It is important, that the applicant is a Legal Permanent Resident or even US citizen, in order to apply for a Green Card for spouses, children and even siblings or parents at a later date. We summarized some important facts about this topic in the section Apply for a Green Card.

  • If one member of the family wins, however, not all qualified family members are required to apply for a Green Card.
  • Each family member has a right to decide if they want to emigrate to the USA.

The decision to start a new life in the USA is a big step towards a new adventure. From our experience, most families express the importance of staying together and making the big step towards a new life in America as a family. Read what our Green Card winners over the last years have experienced.

You want to be one of those happy winners, too? Apply for the next GreenCard Lottery today and make your American dreams come true!

What the Green Card gives

US address for DS-260

Green Card Lottery. How scammers work?

Green – map – document, the presence of which means the right of permanent residence in America.

Card holder:

  • Can live and work in the United States;
  • Over time, become a citizen of the country;
  • Eligible for loans at a low interest rate;
  • Has the opportunity to open his own business;
  • Eligible for health care and certain benefits.

According to the legal status, Green Card holder has the same privileges, as US citizens, with the exception of the right to participate in elections and receive some social packages. The card is issued for a period of 10 years, and after 5 years, the cardholder has the opportunity to submit documents for obtaining citizenship. There are many ways to get a Green Card, however, the procedure is not always simple and often takes a lot of time and effort. One of the ways to facilitate the procedure for obtaining a card is a diversification lottery (DV – lottery), called the green card lottery.

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