How to get a green card (green card) USA to a citizen of the Russian Federation in 2019-2020 year

Green card: benefits and obligations - second wind

Filling out an application for participation in the green card lottery in the USA

The main page will be available 3 buttons “DV-## Instructions” (instructions for filling out the questionnaire), “Photo Examples” (photo requirements, as well as examples of correct and incorrect photos) and actually “Begin Entry” (directly the questionnaire for filling).

Step 2. Для заполнения анкеты вам потребуется ваша фотография, as well as a photograph of the husband / wife and children (if they are).

Find out the required parameters of the photo, and you can also check it for compliance with the requirements on the page “Photo Tool”.

Step 3. Start filling out the questionnaire (Begin Entry button). Enter verification code

Step 4. Fill in your personal data

Step 5. If there is a spouse(a) и дети – ввести информацию о них (including, upload photos).

Step 6. After filling out the questionnaire, you will receive a confirmation code, by which, with 2 May on 30 сентября следующего посли подачи года можно будет проверить результаты лотереи на том же сайте under Entrant Status Check (Checking the status of the application)

It looks pretty simple, although there are pitfalls, therefore, you need to fill out the form very carefully, to avoid mistakes. Agree, it will be very disappointing to win, but get rejected because, that some data was incorrectly specified

Also pay special attention to photography requirements, they are being nagged very seriously lately

Keep in mind - submitting multiple applications from one person is strictly prohibited! Если Вы подали больше одного заявления, you will be disqualified.

Wherein, if there are two of you in the family, then you can apply from each spouse (the second receives a green card in the USA automatically) - probability of winning, in this case, doubles.

Good luck in obtaining a green card in the USA!

Requirements for participation in the lottery

Almost anyone can take part in the drawing. Main requirements:

  1. Country, where the applicant lives must be on the list of states, admitted to participate in the DV-2022 Green Card Lottery. If she is excluded, there are two possibilities to apply for participation:
    • If the applicant's husband / wife is from a country, admitted to participate, then the form should indicate this country.
    • If both parents were born in a different state, and at the time of the applicant's birth were citizens of another country (Eligible to participate), you can indicate its country of residence.
  2. The participant of the drawing must have a document, confirming the presence of secondary education or its equivalent. If there is no certificate - you must have seniority in the position, for which training duration of 2 of the year. Moreover, experience must be acquired during the last 5 years. You should check the relevance of your experience using the electronic database at:

How and when the Green Card Lottery is held?

The first lottery draw took place in 1994 year and since then held every year. Organized by the US Department of State Lottery. To participate in the lottery, you must submit an application in accordance with the rules, which are published shortly before the start of accepting applications. The official acceptance of applications takes place in the fall (usually in October and November).

And the draw takes place in the spring. After the completion of accepting applications, the computer randomly determines the lucky ones, who are given the opportunity to receive a "green card". In recent years, the draw has been 1 May. It is after this date that all participants using their application numbers (Confirmation Number) can find out the result on the official website. If the result is positive, then within a certain period you need to go through the procedure for obtaining an immigration visa. With an immigrant visa, the winners come to the USA and receive a green card there.

Together with the winner in the USA, his spouse / spouse can go for green cards (even if the marriage is concluded after winning) and their children under 21 of the year. It is impossible to transfer the "green card" to other family members within the lottery. To visit the winner, other relatives and friends can try to get a visitor visa.

For the purposes of the lottery, all countries are divided into regions. There are six regions in total: Asia, Africa, Europe, Oceania, North America, South and Central America. Applications from each region are competing with each other. According to rough estimates, among the natives of European countries, one of the 25 families, on condition, that the applications of both spouses are involved. Single entry odds, respectively, twice smaller. Who has not won, can participate again - every year.

To become a participant in the lottery, you must meet the minimum requirements. Read more about this in the lottery rules.

The procedure for filling out the questionnaire

To get a chance to try your luck, you should fill out an application according to the established template. Sample provided on the website of the US Department of State. To fill out the form, you must enter information in each of the available paragraphs of the official form.

Next, you must provide a personal photo, by uploading it via the supplied field.
The next stage involves filling out the column with the address. You can specify not only your postal details, but also friends or relatives

Important, so that the organizers can contact the applicant.
The questionnaire contains the phone number and current e-mail (in the field below it should be duplicated).
Next, one of the levels of education is selected: only high school (eg, served by an 11th grade student); lower secondary; have a certificate of secondary education; there is a professional (diploma tears); incomplete higher; will take a bachelor's course; the candidate receives knowledge in the master's degree; have a master's or specialist's degree in a 5-year system of study at a university; the applicant is in graduate school and has successfully passed at least one test from the candidate minimum; have a degree.
Verifiers are provided with data on marital status and children up to 21 of the year. An important nuance is the need to indicate F

AND. ABOUT. step sons or daughters (adopted, wards, remaining with the spouse(and) from first marriage).

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