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Green's lottery dv-2020

Stages of the DV lottery- 2021

The lottery from registration to obtaining a visa takes about a year. Of course, not all participants will reach the final, but the winners will be able to realize their American dream.

Registration of participants

Means, DV – 2021 can be expected in October 2019 of the year. From this moment you can apply. It is not difficult to do this if you have at least basic knowledge of the English language.. Unlike the complex form DS- 160, which must be filled in to obtain a visa, here you only have to answer a few fairly simple questions, specifying the required amount of personal information about yourself, place of residence, education and upload a photo that meets the requirements. Be carefull, leave a statement only on the official lottery website, avoid phishing resources.

How to apply

IN 2019 year will play 50 thousand green cards, говорится на официальном сайте госдепартамента.

You can fill out the form only on the website: www.dvlottery.state.gov

note, чтобы сайт имел расширение именно .gov, так как иногда мошенники создают фейковые сайты с расширением .net, .com и другими

Есть подробная инструкция по заполнению анкеты на английском языке от организаторов лотереи.

Remember, that participation in the lottery is free. You don't have to pay for registration, not for filling out the questionnaire, not for anything else until then, until you win. It is also strongly discouraged to use the services of intermediaries.: simple questionnaire, available even for people with a minimum level of English, filling takes about 20 minutes.

As soon as you start filling out the form, you will have exactly 1 time, to enter all the information. If you are late, you will have to start over.

You must include your current spouses in the profile, even if you don't live together, and children up to 21 of the year. Besides, each of the spouses can fill out the form separately. This will increase the family's chances of winning.. More about, how to indicate relatives in the questionnaire, читайте в материале ForumDaily.

The photo for the questionnaire must be taken within 6 months before submitting the questionnaire and showing, how do you look right now. Подробное описание требований к фотографии можно найти в нашем материале. Besides, здесь можно подогнать ваше фото под нужные пропорции.

IMPORTANT: После того как вы заполните анкету и нажмете кнопку Submit ("Send"), you should receive a notification, which will indicate the confirmation number. It must be preserved - without it you will not recognize, won the green card or not

Why do I need a Green Card

So why do you need a Green Card - the object of desire of every emigrant? Владелец вместе с ней получает определенный перечень прав и обязанностей. the main thing, конечно это права. Самое главное – это легальность пребывания, but let's take a closer look.


A green card holder can cross the borders of the country an unlimited number of times, in addition, the process of crossing border checkpoints is greatly simplified.

With a card, you can reside throughout the United States at your request.

Employment - the card provides great opportunities for professional activity, what is the main goal for most expats

You can also open your own business if you wish..
Social rights are the most important. If you have this document, you may be eligible for some types of health care benefits, and also get rights to some social benefits, benefits

After 10 years of legal work you can count on a pension.
As a Green Card holder, you can invite relatives. Besides, it is also issued to the whole family with the extension of privileges to close relatives.
The holder of a residence permit can get the opportunity to reduce tax rates, if he did not have problems with the tax authorities in his home country. Loan conditions are also facilitated - lower loan rates.

It is important to understand, that all the privileges, received by cardholders are subject to compliance with the imposed obligations. Important Violation of the law may be grounds for cancellation

To restore it is either very difficult, and sometimes it's impossible at all.

Important Violation of the law may be grounds for cancellation. To restore it is either very difficult, and sometimes it's impossible at all.

Obligations and limitations

  • No voting is the main restriction for immigrants in any election. It is also forbidden to work in government positions or hold vacancies in politics.
  • You cannot leave the USA for longer than 6 months. If this is necessary, you need to apply for permission from the Immigration Service.
  • The owner of the Green Card must always have it with him and renew it on time.
  • Be sure to submit your tax return on time, indicate in it reliable information. Taxes and bills must be paid on time, in full.

When moving within the United States and when leaving the country, you must notify the immigration authorities.

Relevant services are involved in detecting violations, violators are punished severely. If you plan to apply for citizenship, it is better to follow all the rules and not put yourself at risk.

Green Card Lottery 2020-2021 deadlines for submission of documents

Draw is held annually by the US Department of State. The main goal of the draw is to support cultural diversity by attracting residents of countries with the least flow of immigrants. Therefore, there is an updated list of states, not allowed to participate in the drawing (for the last 5 years, the number of immigrants from them exceeded 50 thousand).

To participate, you must register, by filling out the participant's form on the official website of the Department of State and uploading a photo. Questions include biographical information (name, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, the level of education, marital status, residence address, phone number, E-mail address, information about spouse and children, if applicable). When filling out, you must enter true information, the uploaded photo must comply with the prescribed technical characteristics. Applicant can submit one application, if this requirement is violated, he is subject to disqualification.

Besides, the participant must meet the mandatory requirements:

  • Serve from country, not included in the list of excluded states
  • Have completed secondary education or basic education + 2 years of work experience in the last 5 years in a highly qualified specialty;
  • Have no medical restrictions (socially dangerous diseases);
  • Not be judged, not commit felonies, do not violate migration legislation.

Upon completion of filling out the questionnaire, the applicant will be assigned a verification number, by which to track the status of the application. The results of the draw will be available in May 2020 of the year. In case of winning, the participant must collect the necessary documents, undergo a medical examination and an interview at the embassy, after which a decision will be made on the issuance / non-issuance of a visa.

Take part in the Green Card Lottery 2020-2021 possible only during the agreed period. The nearest online registration in the Green Card draw 2020-2021 will be available from 2 October to 5 November 2019, 12 hours eastern time.

Green Card is issued for 10 years, after which it can be reissued. At the same time, the resident status remains throughout life, except for a long absence from the United States, administrative penalties or criminal liability for participation in criminal activities.

Beyond work and study, residence permit allows:

  • Own property and real estate;
  • Freely cross the state border;
  • Enter other countries without a visa (with whom the United States has an agreement on a visa-free regime);
  • Obtain American citizenship through 5 years;
  • Receive a retirement benefit after retirement (subject to official work in the States for 10 years);
  • Use social insurance.

In its turn, the owner of the Green Card undertakes to pay taxes, inform the migration service about a change of residence, for men up to 26 years old - register for military service.

so, try to get a green card 2020-2021 can this fall. Despite, that registration takes a month, better to submit the form closer to opening: if the number of winners is exceeded, priority is given to those, who applied before.

How does the cost of a green card depend on the method of obtaining it.

To determine the price of a green card, you need to understand, what is it and how to get it. It is easiest to understand it as a residence permit in the United States and some other European countries., of course, the USA has its own program for its issuance and the European residence permit will not allow obtaining US citizenship in the future. Foreigners get it, who, for one reason or another, want to stay in the United States for a long time, and after a few years, usually it is five years, get American citizenship. You can get it while still in Russia or already being overseas.

The first and most common way is to open an immigrant visa. Expenses will start at the stage of paying the consular fee and amount to hundreds of dollars. They can be different, labor, business visas, educational, for the bride and groom, investment, adoptive parents, etc.. d.

The second way is hope for luck, namely, participation in the lottery in 2020 year. Every year the US authorities hold a draw 50 thousand green card for residents of countries with low immigration to America. Russians, Ukrainians and citizens of other CIS states have a real opportunity to try their luck and see the green light on the way to the American dream. Consider each option.

What information needs to be presented?

Photos spouse (spouses) or baby, if they are already US citizens or permanent residents, Not needed.

Your application will be disqualified, if the photos do not meet certain standards or you attach photos from last year's submissions.

(Addressee / City / District / Country / Province / State / Zip code )

Enter your name, date of birth, floor, city ​​of birth and country of birth of spouse (spouses), attach a photo, when, if you are married or not legally separated. If you do not list your spouse (spouses) or add that, who legally im (her) is not, - you will be disqualified.

Правовое разделение — это соглашение, when a married couple remains married, but lives separately by court order.

Make sure, what did you indicate:

all living biological children;

all living children you adopted / adopted;

all foster children under 21 years and unmarried at the time of application - regardless of whether, are you married / married to their parent, whether the child lives with you and plans to immigrate with you.

Photo requirements:

Very often problems arise due to the wrong format of the provided photos. So that you are not disqualified, make sure, what picture:


In focus.

Correct size (so that the head is from 1 inches to 13/8 inch (22 mm and 35 mm), or 50% and 69% of the total image height).

Made in the last 6 months.

On white background.

Filmed in front, facing the camera.

With neutral facial expression and open eyes.

In clothes, which you usually wear.

Uniforms not allowed, except for religious clothing.

Don't wear a hat, scarf or bandage, which hide hair, if they are not worn daily for religious reasons.

Your face should be clearly visible.

Headphones are not acceptable in your photo, wireless speakerphones or similar items.

Don't wear glasses.

If you wear hearing aids or similar items, they can be left in the photo.

Photos, copied or digitally scanned from a driver's license or other official documents, unacceptable.

Pictures from magazines, low quality self-portraits or photos on a mobile phone, and also full size are unacceptable.

You will need to upload a digital image to the site.

Digital Image Requirements:

In JPEG format (.jpg).

File no more than 240 kbyte (kilobyte).

In square aspect ratio (height must be equal to width).

The size 600 × 600 pixels.

If you scan an existing photo, she must be:

2 x 2 inch (51 x 51 mm).

Scanned with resolution 300 pixels per inch (12 pixels per millimeter).

Use a free photo editor for:

select a digital image on your computer;

resizing and rotating;

if you need to crop a photo to a square image: 600 x 600 pixels.


Now the US can reject visa or Green Card applications without a chance to correct the error

New rules entered into force 11 September and apply to all requests and petitions, submitted, from this date.


How to win a Green Card, video

If you are a winner, send the identification number to the embassy, received at the end of filling out the questionnaire. The email address will be indicated in the information field about the results of the win. After that, you just have to wait for an invitation for an interview..

If, according to the results of the interview, you received a positive decision, a visa will be affixed to your passport, на въезд в США. Кроме этого вам выдается запечатанный пакет Immigrant Packet. It contains documents, which you will give to the customs service upon arrival in the USA. The package cannot be opened, instead, you will be given a temporary Green Card.


As already stated, participation is free, but, though, you will have to pay various fees:

  • Registration fee - $300, paid before the interview.
  • Consular fee for a visa - $165, paid after the interview.
  • Payment of expenses for medical examination - prices depend on the medical institution where you will undergo medical examination.
  • Ticket and Initial Set Up Costs - Housing, food.


The interview is a necessary procedure for all applicants. Held at the embassy. The procedure is quite complicated, requires preparation.
Before the interview, you must undergo an examination at an authorized medical institution (list on site) diplomatic missions. After passing, a sealed envelope is issued, it will need to be presented at the embassy.

The decision can be reported immediately, maybe through 1-2 days, документы доставят по вашему адресу. О нюансах проведения собеседования можно прочитать в нашей статье «Как пройти собеседование».

What to do if you win?

Winning a green card in the lottery also means, that the participant will have a lot of trouble to, to get a visa. Indeed, in case of victory in the lottery green card, the contestant will have further registration.

The procedure consists of a few simple steps:

  • submission of a questionnaire in the established form (DS-260);
  • collection of additional documents;
  • passing a medical examination and interview.

Form DS-260

To 2014 of the year all the winners of the drawing filled out two types of questionnaires - DS-230 and DSP-122. But due to the related organizational issues, all winners must submit a DS-260 questionnaire.

You can do this online on the website of the Consular Center for Electronic Applications.

The procedure is as follows:

  1. The winner must open the site and enter the code, received after winning.
  2. Click Continue.
  3. Next, you need to indicate your date of birth and your status (Applicant - Applicant). Click Continue.
  4. Then, to complete the questionnaire on a new page, click Not Started.

After that, the competitor signs up for an interview at the nearest American consulate and provides personal information.

Standard information - full name, citizenship, marital status, the presence of children, etc.. Contact details are required.

An important part of the questionnaire is the provision of information about the place of residence in the United States. The winner of the green card lottery must have a person, able to receive it upon arrival (or at least, place of residence).

Another important point is information about previous trips to the USA. If they were, you need to specify everything in great detail - dates, details of documents, purpose of the trip.

The questionnaire also includes a section on the state of health and offenses.:

  1. In the first case, you will have to indicate the presence of vaccinations, which are required for the USA. Better to be honest here, what was done, and what not. During the medical examination, all the necessary procedures will still have to go through.
  2. The offenses section consists of several parts, including violation of immigration laws.

After filling out the form, you need to indicate your code and send the information for verification.

If you still have questions about the nuances of filling out the DS-260 form, watch the following video tutorial:

Preparation and submission of documents

Next stage, which the winner of the green card lottery will have to pass 2020 of the year, is to prepare documents. The main ones include:

  • passport;
  • documents on education and work experience;
  • birth certificates, o brake;
  • medical examination results (the envelope must be sealed);
  • military ID, no criminal record.

If necessary, the winner will be required to present the adoption documents, title papers, bank account statement.

Registration cost

The winner must pay the consular fee. A green card for one person will cost approximately 330 dollars.

If a spouse or children are traveling, then for each of them you need to pay separately.

Medical examination and interview

The winner undergoes medical examination only at an institution accredited by the American consulate. In Russia, there is such a hospital only in Moscow.

As soon as all documents are in hand, you can go for an interview. This is the last stage, which must be passed by the future green card holder in the USA according to the results of the lottery.

The interview is in English. And first of all, the consul is interested in the following questions:

  • applicant's occupation;
  • what is he going to do in the USA.

Besides, the consul often asks questions from the questionnaire, therefore it is important to answer correctly. Any inaccuracy, even caused by forgetfulness, will be considered not in favor of the applicant

What the Green Card gives

We are talking about a special identification plastic card, the holder of which will be able to stay and work in the USA. How can you guess, the cherished document is green and acts as an identity.

The history of the issue of this document begins after the end of World War II.. Before that, a different certificate was issued, performing the same function, but outwardly a common white paper ID

And although a green card is issued only to a strictly limited circle of people and it may seem, that there is little chance of getting it, for many companies, dealing with migration,
drawing a green card brings a stable income. According to statistics, in most cases, an American visa is issued within the framework of this program.

The US visa itself is not issued to everyone. Any applicant must meet strict conditions:

  • confirm your financial position;
  • speak english;
  • have a place of residence in America.

The holder of such a document will be able to legally:

  • live and work within America.
  • cross the state border;
  • enroll in an American educational institution;
  • transport your relatives to the country;
  • after the expiration of the deadline, apply for citizenship.

In terms of work, the owner of such a card is practically unlimited. He will not be admitted only to places in some state structures and certain branches of the armed forces.

Cardholders will be able to count on social benefits, and after 10 years of official work in the States will be entitled to receive a pension.

Parents, brothers and sisters, along with other relatives, will have the right to move to the states later, if the cardholder himself has already turned to the migration service with a request to move to restore the family. Chances will be higher, if by that time the person already has citizenship.

Cardholders cannot vote in elections of any level.

But along with the rights of a green card in America, it also imposes a number of obligations:

  • pay all taxes;
  • register for military service (concerns men 18-27 years);
  • reside in the country permanently (not less 6 full months of the year), without violating its legislation;
  • if the employer is invited to the country, work for him at least 6 months (it is best to work out full 2 of the year, so that the migration service does not have suspicions).

If things go like this, that there will be a long absence, you need to contact the migration service in advance (uscis)and inform about the reasons for departure. Then there will be no problems with returning to the States..

When moving from one state to another, you also need to report this to uscis, specifying a new address no later than 10 days.

The green card is not reissued, but it has to be renewed every 10 years. After 5 years from the date of its receipt and subject to permanent residence in the country, the holder will be able to apply for USA citizenship.

How to increase the chance of winning

Not to be disqualified for sure, it is necessary to strictly follow the rules for filling out the application form for the Green Card. Otherwise, the applicant will simply not be admitted to the drawing.. Otherwise, it will not work to increase your chances at the stage of random selection..

More important point – interview, it almost eliminates 50% winners. To increase the likelihood of getting approval, you need to be able to prove your need for America, а также порядочность относительно законодательства.

Green Card Lottery – a great way to leave for the USA for permanent residence. And although the chance of getting a win is not very high, Nonetheless, it is still worth using it.

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