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American lotteries: powerball, megamillions, superlotto plus, new york lotto

Reasons for the popularity of lotteries

Australian psychologist Ryan Anderson specializes in player psychology. He considers, that the lottery craze is like a trap. Non-refundable expenses stimulate buying tickets again and again. Man, spent time and money on lotteries, hopes to win back, return lost.

Lotteries are like a trap

Another reason is the effect of seemingly close gain. If the player has not guessed only one or two numbers, he can't hold back and buy a ticket again. He wants to try his luck again. And do it until a successful outcome.

Anderson says, that some people buy lotteries solely for entertainment. It's not so much money that motivates them., how much thrill. When the winners are announced, the level of adrenaline and serotonin in many of them increases. And this leads to pleasant experiences in adrenaline-dependent people..

Some gamblers have an illusion about pranks: it seems to them, that the winnings are available to them. And more realistic, than, eg, good earnings. The news about the draws only informs about the victories, and this becomes a source of hope for the best. The psychologist complains about the bias in informing the population: nobody publishes data about, how many ticket buyers were the losers. All articles on this topic apply only to winners.

Increased risk and tough times of crisis – another reason for the passion for lotteries. When businesses close, staff cut, the overall financial situation is getting worse. In such situations, some people think, that winning the lottery will solve all their problems. They find it more realistic., than improving the situation through self-reliance.

Green card competition stages.

To the participant of the online survey after submitting the form, will have to wait almost a year for its results. The whole event can be divided into several stages

Stage 1. Filling out an application for a green card.

You CORRECTLY fill out the form on the official website. Provide correct data. In English. Rewrite them like this, as indicated in your passport in Latin, or foreign passport.

We advise you to prepare in advance, and leave a request in the first half of the registration period, not the second. Those who try to apply at the last moment may face the problem of exceeding visa quotas for the country.

Stage 2. Green card draw and results

All questionnaires are checked by a computer for compliance with requirements and duplicates. Then the next program, randomly selects 50000 questionnaire. These are the winners.

How and when to find out about the win.

The only way: since May 2019 years to 30 september 2020 of the year, by entering the number on the official website:

US State Department does not send letters of winning. From them you can only get a reminder that, what you need to check your status on the site. They also never require remittances anywhere.. Be carefull, if there is an intermediary between you in the application.

If the car didn't pick you, do not despair. Next year you can apply again. If you won, then another survey awaits you. Collection of documents and invitation for an interview.

You shouldn't relax. According to statistics, about 50% half of the applicants are eliminated after the interview. This is the main and decisive stage, which we will talk about in a separate article.

Stage 3. Green card registration.

After the second submitted DS-260 detailed form, collection of all certificates and documents, passing a special medical examination, the most important stage is waiting for you - an interview in English with the consul. Before this interview, you need to pay the grand card and consular fee.

State fee for registration of DV visa,

The cost of issuing a green card last time was 330 dollars for each visa, regardless of age. The fee is paid at the interview with the consul and is non-refundable if the visa is refused.

After receiving visas, it is additionally paid 220 dollars in immigration tax (USCIS Immigrant Fee).

On this visa, the person who won it must enter the United States to authorize his visa.

The first person to enter the United States is the DV1 holder - the winner of the Green Card Lottery. Family members' Green Card authorization depends on the winner's Green Card authorization.

How to play from Russia

American lotteries in Russia are quite popular, but for that, to play, you need to find a reliable intermediary.

All, who plays through such (eg, via Agentlotto) claim, that if you win, money is transferred very quickly, there are never any delays or misunderstandings.

And here is a video example of working with one of the intermediary sites:

Interested in the opinion of our compatriots about foreign lotteries, я решил немного полазить на форумах, и сделал следующие выводы:

  • About 89 % пользователей находят американские лотереи интересными и азартными, and do not play for the sake of winning, and for the sake of adrenaline.
  • About 80% Russian players consider the rules of American lotteries to be one of the simplest. They say, that at first a little embarrassed and frightened by the very fact of belonging to another country, казалось, that she will be confused, but after the first bet we quickly sorted it out, how to play the american lottery.
  • Russian players like Mega Millions much less, than Powerball. Many did not find intermediaries, credible, many subjectively believe, that it is impossible to win in this lottery project. They, who won a few dollars, complain about the commission when converting currencies. Although rightly noted, that money comes to the card very quickly.

Two popular American lotteries in Russia, reviews of which, mostly positive, "Got accustomed". They are played for fun or small pleasant prizes. Some even believe in mega wins.

The main thing is not to perceive the win, as an end in itself, sometimes it is useful to even abstract, “Forget” about the desired super-prize. Then the chances of winning increase.. In general, that volume, how to tune in to win I wrote here: "How to win the lottery and still keep your sanity and money".

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