Under this section are the measurements Icelotto takes to keep the site secure, players data inaccessible to those of malicious intent, and servers stable. It’s of the utmost importance as you, an online lottery player, put your trust in the brand you buy lottery tickets from. This review aspect checks Icelotto is trustworthy.


HTTPS stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure, while SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. These two certificates are an assurance the site is secured and safe to browse, fill in personal details, and complete payment on. This is a server level protection. All data transferred between your computer and Icelotto’s servers is encrypted and unreadable to any other. This technology is widely used and for site’s dealing with users and processing of different payment methods, it is a must. An immediate visual identification signal is a padlock icon appears in the browser’s address bar. You can check yourslef the site’s certificate is by GeoTrust and a quick review shows it is installed correctly.


icelotto’s Google safebrowsing status is not dangerous. This means Google, that review billion of web pages each day to see if they’re dangerous for users to visit, consider icelotto to be safe.


As seen on other sites, icelotto are making use of a trust logo of McAfee’s SECURE services, but an inspection shows this is not the case . It doesn’t mean the site is not protected, but not making use of that antivirus service. Reviewed with both McAfee’s SiteAdvisor and Norton’s Safe Web there were no red flags raised, no threats detected, and no apparent security issues. Community rating on Safe Web is an impressive 5 out of 5.


Two other trust logos used at the sites footer has to do with the site’s online reputation. Webutation and Trustpilot both provide a platform for internet users to rate companies. While Webutation gives Icelotto an oddly perfect score of 100/100, TrustPilot considers only reviewers average score and gives a bad score of 2.7/10. These two are given a low value as has little to do with security, but users reviews were read and taken to consideration on other review aspects.

At the bottom of the site you’ll find several completely irrelevant trust logos and icons – iceSecure, ice+Responsible, guarantee 100% satisfaction, and Player Satisfaction score – they, of course, had no weight on score as they have no meaning or completely bias. This is even though this practice in not recommended. Only verified security services and audits take part. icelotto meets the security requirements and there’s no reason to worry about account details reaching wrong hands.


Players switch between devices many times throughout the day – mobile, tablet, office PC, and home PC are a standard for many. The services that not only supports, but cracks user needs and usage, platforms wins! Users make use of these devices on different times of day, and on different locations. A good service to users would be to tailor the user’s experience to the platform he’s using.


site is outdated at a width of 980px, it’s most likely to meet needs of a variety of desktop users, but in contrast to current design guidelines. Definitely room for improvement with a smarter responsive design. There are some bugs and scripting failing to load issues, but nothing critical. Just a matter of not paying attention.


Served with the desktop view tablet has a very poor experience – page doesn’t fit the width of the iPad the site was reviewed on, and some elements were broken. This is definitely something Icelotto should handle ASAP. Since this is the desktop version, there’s no support for gestures where it is acceptable to use theme. This is leading to a confusing UI. Picking numbers for a lottery line is terrible, their clickable area is just too small.


For mobile devices Icelotto offer a dedicated view with limited functionality. Features that were excluded from the mobile version are those who might not be as useful on the go as those who were included. Overall experience is decent, but there is a lot of room to grow on this aspect. Clicking on a BUY TICKETS button could redirect to a group product page or a personal line product page, you just can’t tell until you’re being redirected. Main menu is amateurish at best. The interesting products of bundles and jackpot hunter are far at the bottom and it’s a shame.


On an impressive effort, Icelotto came to market on January 2016 with a very appealing app for both iOS and Android. iOS app is available for download on the apple’s App store, and the Android version is available through direct download from Icelotto as Google doesn’t allow gambling apps on its Play store. There’s a missed opportunity as the apps are not promoted on the mobile view of the site and there’s a poor landing page, with many errors and mistakes, for downloading the Android installation file. The app allows for a stream of updates through push notifications, this is helpful for avid players.

One one hand, icelotto released a nice app for iOS and Android, but on the other, the overall web experience is lacking. There was no though put into tablet view, and that’s a shame. Mobile has a more tailored experience, but limited functionality and unimaginative UI damage the flow. They’ll have to put the same effort to the web design as they did with the app.


Как заявляют организаторы крупных мировых лотерей, играть может каждый, но ответственность за получение выигрыша иностранными игрокам, компания ответственности не несет. Это уже должно насторожить. Работая через посредника, готовьтесь к тому, что вы останетесь ни с чем. Более того, ваши кровно заработанные деньги у вас спишут. Именно этим и занимаются мошенники IceLotto. Верить ли отзывом, где пишут, что посредник АйсЛотто помогают им выигрывать круглые сумму, решение ваше, но лучше изучить больше информации, прежде чем зарегистрироваться. Вас должно насторожить то, что от вас требует данные, которые в принципе не стоит оглашать (CVV карты). 

Если вы их оставили, имейте ввиду, весь ваш счет перейдет в руки мошенников, которые могут себя оправдать, тем, что купили от вашего имени билеты

И неважно, хотели вы этого или нет. Не стоит гоняться за миллионными джекпотами зарубежных лотерей

Нужно помнить, что честных людей в данной области не существует, а количество лотерейных мошенников растет с каждым днем. Пусть вас насторожит тот факт, что иностранные лото не продают билеты через интернет, а ради вас никто не пойдет их покупать в официальной точке продаж. 

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