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Welcome to Finland - a country with lot of lakes, forests, space and air. Country where the silence, leisure time and privacy, freedom and the ability to dream is appreciated. To Finland, where the most popular form of holidays is an escape from the stresses of city life, spending weekends and summer vacations in a rental cottage or cabin near lake or sea. Summer holiday in a comfortable cottage near the lake is the best way to understand the Finnish way of life, to relax, to get energy from nature and positive thoughts. Countryside cottage or cabin is a very important element of Finnish life and recreation. Holidays in Finland is impossible to imagine without a log cottage in the quiet place, away from the neighbours, in touch with the nature, where you can fall asleep with the sound of rustling trees and wake up in the morning with the help of singing birds outside the window of your cosy log rental cottage. Modern and fully equipped cottages, cheap cabins or luxury villas for rent can be found throughout Finland from South to Lapland. Traditions lovers can rent cheap small cottages and summer houses far away from civilization, with a minimum set of facilities and equipment. Finnish sauna is the place not only for cleaning the body, but mostly the place for cleaning the mind and washing away all worries. Sauna in your rental cottage is the place where you can let all the problems go away, give each cell of the body freedom and just listen to yourself. If you want to understand Finnish way of thinking be sure to include a visit to Finnish sauna during your holidays. Do not afraid that Finnish sauna has to be very hot and dry. Adjust the temperature and humidity in the sauna in accordance with your own feelings. Throw some water on the stones of sauna stove every minutes and dip in the lake after the sauna. You can go to sauna for just minutes in the morning after jogging, or for hours in the evening with friends and family, making a real event from sauna visit: Unhurried rhythm of sauna adjusts to conversations, tasting of good teas and excellent relaxation. Remember the basic rule in the sauna - everything must be in accordance with your comfortable feeling: This word indicates a special relaxed feeling of the body and mind after a sauna, and avoiding to make anything too active. This amazing feeling of being physically and mentally clean is something special you want to enjoy and keep it in peace as long as you can. Cabin fireplace is also very important element in the cottage. Having holidays in Finland in summer house is all about 3 basic elements - air, water and fire. No wonder cottages in Finland are built in the middle of nature and fresh air away from the cities, on the shore of pure lakes, and "the taming of fire" in the fireplace is an essential addition to the harmony.

Making a fire as a process is also a Finnish way of pleasure. First to choose the driest logs in woodshed, then prepare very thin wood chips and put them into the fireplace, after that set fire with a match, watch as the fire comes and then puts some more logs unhurriedly. After that you can take a cup of hot coffee and sit in front of the fireplace. Feeling the heat coming from the fire, the glare on the walls, being away from civilization will give you a sense of returning to the roots. There is no doubt that after a sauna and a charming evening near fireplace, you had a wonderful night dream. And you want to start a new day with a breakfast on the terrace of your holiday cottage with a great lake view. We advise you to make a Finnish style breakfast with local delicates. Fresh coffee, sandwiches with local rye bread, Karelian pasties and scrambled eggs. A great addition to your breakfast can be fresh wild berries, which can be collected next to the cottage. After breakfast its time to take the kids and go for a walk in the woods to explore the nature next to the holiday home.

отдых в финляндии летом коттеджи с рыбалкой

Perhaps forest dwellers will be curious and come to meet you. It is very easy to meet a squirrel, a hare, a black grouse or partridge in the forest. Perhaps even the Moomin Trolls come out to have a look in your basket with mushrooms. Everyman right - is a basic rule for nature holidays Finland. It means that you can walk freely in the forest, pick up berries, mushrooms, some herbs and fresh air as the gifts of the forest. Together with the freedom comes the responsibility to respect nature, other people, and property.

отдых в финляндии летом коттеджи с рыбалкой

After outdoor activities it comes time to prepare a meal. Finnish salmon soup is one of the easiest and one of the greatest flavour. Cooking recipe is very simple. In a saucepan, simmer the chopped onions in the butter over medium heat. Add peeled potatoes and then water to cover the potatoes. Turn up the heat, bring to a boil and cook the potatoes until they are soft. Add the cubed salmon or trout to the pot and cook it about 5 minutes. Add the fish stock and cream, along with salt and pepper and other spices to taste. Cook for minutes. Take off the heat and stir in the fresh dill. Serve salmone soup with rye bread and butter. All lakes in Finland are very rich with fish. Regardless of whether you have been fishing before or not, its very easy to try while having holidays in rental cottage. Some tips for fishermen beginners: If there is a nice evening, not rainy and smooth lake water without strong waves, approximately between 19 and 21pm just before sunset feel free to take a boat, oars and fishing gear, and try to find best fishing place nearby. In order to catch a pike, you should slowly row the boat along the coast, near the sedge or grass, throwing spinning toward the thicket, as pike hiding there. Summer in Finland - its time for grilling. Everything that can be cooked on the grill will be cooked on an open fire only, not on the kitchen plate.

Рыбалка в Финляндии. Коттеджи на берегу озера.

It is possible to make a grill with fish, meat, sausages, vegetables, and even pancakes on special pans for grilling. You can find a selection of products in local food stores that can be cooked on a campfire. They are easily identified by the package. Finnish summer holiday - it is long warm evenings on the terrace of the summer cottage, with a glass of wine or a cup of tea, with family and friends, amazing sunsets and sounds of nature. The traditional summer holiday in a rental cottage or small cabin - ideal vacation, active and relaxed at the same time, an abstraction from frantic pace of modern life, great opportunity just to dream and spend time with family. Finland is a popular holiday destination all year round. It has unique Arctic landscapes in the North - Lapland, thousands of lakes and islands in the South, unspoiled forests in between over all country. Summer holidays allows to experience a wide range of outdoor activities and Midnight Sun, relaxation in rental lakeside cabins.

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Finnish sauna is an all seasons experience. Finland provides a great opportunities for fishing. Main fish species here are perch, pike, grayling, salmon, pikeperch, whitefish, arctic char, trout and burbot. Fishing in Finland possible all year round: You can easily go fishing by yourself. If you use a rod and line you can fishing for free. But if you use other fishing equipment you will need to arrange a fishing permit. It is easy to rent cottage or villa in Finland with private shore and go fishing any time you like. Lapland is one of the popular destinations for ski holidays. There is plenty of snow in Finland, and April-May is the best time for ski holidays in Finland. Finland is also the best destination to try cross-country skiing where the terrain and ski-tracks are ideal. The slopes are kept in excellent condition throughout the season. In Lapland and northern Finland, the season begins in early November and lasts until May, while in central Finland it begins at December and lasts until April. Many countryside cabins and cottages have skiing tracks in walking distance and it is very easy to enjoy winter skiing in Finland. Or you can rent ski apartment or ski cottage near downhill skiing resort and make real ski holidays with all services nearby. If you look at the map you will see how many lakes are there in Finland. There are so many lakes that sometimes is seems that this country has more water than land. We offer you the wide selection of lakeside rental cottages and cabins to rent in Finland. Holidays at lakeside cottage is the perfect opportunity to explore this land of lakes and islands during the summer holidays.

отдых в финляндии летом коттеджи с рыбалкой

You can find here cosy log cabins, lakeside cottages in silence, luxury villas, many other accommodation options. They are all of a high standard and well equipped, with saunas and fireplaces, and served by friendly hosts. Experience the true nature of Lapland during a reindeer or husky sleigh ride. When you visit a reindeer farm you can get to know the local people and their livestock listen to stories about reindeer herding in Finnish Lapland. Set off on your safari through the forest and enjoy the wonders of the Finnish wilderness. Finland has the huge networks of marked hiking trails in national parks, hiking areas, nature reserves with facilities such as campfire sites and huts, viewing points and informational boards. They are designated as hiking areas. Detailed maps are available, as well as guides who can tell you where to find areas of outstanding natural beauty.

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  • Enjoy the speed of snowmobile as you ride through the snow covered sleeping forests and across the frozen lakes. Snowmobiles are not just a good fun: You can meet reindeers during your snowmobile trip, or see the Northern Lights over the dark sky. The safari organizer provides the full complement of gear and instructions to ensure your safety. Finland is ideally suited for cycling tours and independent cycling holidays. The roads are mostly pretty flat, with some gently rolling hills. The scenery is varied, with lakes and forests, peaceful farmland and small villages. However be prepared to see plenty of trees, lakes and long roads!.

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